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The Islay Whisky Festival

he Islay Whisky Festival (Fèis Ìle) – Whisky lovers, pay attention. Islay happens to be blessed with nine distilleries dotted across its relatively small area. The perfect location for making whisky, thanks to its unsullied waters, fertile earth and a rich profusion of peat, something the monks cottoned on to in the 14th century. It’s been the home of peaty (and some non-peaty) whisky ever since. Of the nine distilleries, many are known for their all-out peaty whiskies: Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Bruichladdich and Caol Ila to name a few.

Each year, a selection of Islay’s whisky distilleries hold an open day throughout the festival. In addition, there’s a day hosted by Islay Ales and another held by the distillery on the island of Jura, a stone’s throw away from Islay.