As we all know, Islay is considered a very special place by many a whisky connoisseur. It is believed that its history of distillation dates back all the way to the early fourteenth century. Most of the distilleries that we now know and love to visit on Islay, however, were not established until centuries later – with the majority of them dating back to the 18th or 19th century. Kilmochan, which was established in 2005, was the first new distillery to open on Islay since 1881 and started a new era of whisky distillation on the island. Now, almost 20 years later, another distillery has officially opened its doors: Ardnahoe – the ninth distillery on the famous Isle of Islay.

The distillery was built with a £12 million investment from Scottish family-owned Hunter Laing & Company and will produce a whisky that sets itself apart from others produced on Islay in various ways. Using the longest lyne arms in the whole of Scotland, as well as being the only distillery on the island to use worm tub condensers during the production process, Ardnahoe is set to be a smoky whisky that holds its own against some of Islay’s and Scotland’s best.

Following the steady increase in whisky tourism in Scotland, Ardnahoe distillery was not only built with production in mind, but it will also centre around the visitor experience. The building boasts a large visitor centre with retail facilities, a whisky bar and a restaurant and hopes to attract about 20,000 visitors a year.

We are very excited to see that Ardnahoe will be part of this year’s Feis Ile whisky festival, rolling out the welcome mat and introducing themselves to the public on Wednesday the 29th of May!